Bex, HLF’s Founder, is a stay at home mom to daughters, Olivia and Eve, as well as a writer and blogger.

When she’s not working on the business, she stays active and creative with the girls, and loves to inspire them to use their imagination. She also enjoys red wine, cooking, and silence!

Sean, husband & father, is a full time plumber and HVAC tech in Chicago & the Northshore suburbs. He enjoys sports, craft beer, and free foot rubs.

Olivia, 4, is a fearless little go-getter. She loves to sing, dance, play dress up, be silly, and pretend she’s the boss. Our future CEO!

Eve, 2.5, is a sweet little girl with a fiery personality to match her red hair. She loves to chase her sister around the house, sing, get dirty, and steal everyone’s attention!


As with many handmade companies, Happy Little Flame was born in our kitchen. We love burning candles in our home, so our goal was to create a cleaner, healthier option after discovering how toxic regular candles can be. That’s why we source out the cleanest 100% natural soy and coconut waxes for our products, and use premium fragrance and essential oil blends and natural cotton wicks, with absolutely no dyes, additives or stabilizers added.


The most common wax used for candles today is paraffin, which is a petroleum waste product. When burned, paraffin candles release highly toxic chemicals into the air, including benzene and toluene – both known carcinogens.

Most candles (including many labeled “all-natural”) contain dyes and other additives – such as UV inhibitors to prevent fading, and Vybar, a polyalphaolefin added to enhance color and fragrance – that further pollute the air.

Soy wax is a natural vegetable based wax and coconut wax is made from cold pressed coconut meat. Both completely natural and non-toxic! Recently, it’s become more difficult to find these waxes without additives or other waxes (like paraffin) already added by the manufacturer. That is why we are very careful when sourcing our ingredients, so we are absolutely certain we’re getting the cleanest product available!

Our candles contain only three simple ingredients: 100% natural soy & coconut waxes, premium fragrance & essential oil blends, and 100%cotton wicks (zinc & lead free). All of our products are 100% free from additives, phthalates, and dyes!

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