A Peony For Your Thoughts?

It's been a LONG winter. We had so much snow and so many negative-temp days this year that it felt like we'd never see spring. But we made it through!Many of us here in Chicago are so eager for spring that we treat these 40 degree days as though it might as well be...

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Inspiring A Creative Household

I was recently asked in an interview, “at what point would you consider yourself a success”? Being homeschooled for eight years before entering public school for the first time as a freshman in high school was tough. My sisters and I spent years dreaming of going to...

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Behind The Scenes Of Candlemaking

Many of you have been asking why we haven’t launched yet when the original plan was to go live in January. All I can say is, this journey has been a wild ride and nothing at all like I had imagined! ​​Becoming a creative entrepreneur after owning a retail business has...

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The Making Of A Maker

 Hi, and welcome to Happy Little Flame! Our handcrafted candle company is located in Lake County, IL. We carefully source only the cleanest, high quality, natural ingredients to make our candles and melts, and hand pour them in small batches. We are dedicated to...

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