The most common wax used for candles today is paraffin, which is a petroleum waste product. When burned, paraffin candles release highly toxic chemicals into the air, including benzene and toluene – both known carcinogens. That combined with synthetic fragrances and other additives can be a pretty toxic concoction. Ever wonder why you get headaches when you burn those big-box store candles?

Over the last decade, soy and coconut waxes have grown immensely in popularity as cleaner options for candles and other wax products. However, I learned very early on in my candlemaking journey that it is quite difficult to source these waxes without additives or other waxes (like paraffin or palm) added in by the manufacturer. Because of this, most candles (including those labeled “all-natural”) contain paraffin wax and ingredients like UV inhibitors to prevent fading, and Vybar, a polyalphaolefin added to enhance color and fragrance. All of which are completely unnecessary, and, you guessed it - toxic.

I also learned, contrary to popular belief, that essential oils should never be used in candles. Not only can they can be toxic when heated, but they lose their beneficial health properties once they hit a certain temperature. Massive EO companies such as doTerra & Young Living even have this information published on their websites! The best alternative? Using fragrance oils infused with essential oils that are designed for candles and SAFE to burn!

Because all of our products are created with clean, carefully sourced ingredients, our customers get to enjoy a cleaner-burning, better-smelling product, and even those with allergies and sensitivities are able to enjoy them too!

We don't offer
Mediocre candles

with cute wordy labels on them.
Anyone can do that. We first MASTERED the quality and integrity of our candles before launching our best-selling Conversation Collection™, which allows customers to pair their favorite HLF scents with a fun/sweet/inspirational label that suits any occasion. The result? Wildly popular and highly giftable candles, each with it's own unique personality!