White Sage Bundle (for smudging)
White Sage Bundle (for smudging)

White Sage Bundle (for smudging)

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Made with 100% all-natural California white sage.
Size: 4-inch

Smudging offers a multitude of health benefits and is known to calm and reduce anxiety. It can purify the air and studies have found that it can eliminate up to 94% of airborne bacteria!

How to smudge:

  • Light your smudge stick/wand while holding it at a 45 degree angle.
  • Allow the sage to burn for 10 seconds before gently blowing out the flames. You'll see orange embers and billowing smoke.
  • Slowly walk around the space you intend to cleanse, allowing the smoke to drift through the air and into corners and hidden spaces.
  • Take care to not inhale too much of the smoke. While smudging is cleansing and purifying, smoke of any kind can irritate the lungs. Burning sage with open windows (or the fan on for ciruclation) is always best for this reason.
  • Do not leave burning sage unattended or near flammable objects.
  • Once you're ready to extinguish, press the burning tip into a designated fireproof vessel (or dirt or sand) until the smoke no longer rises. DO NOT USE WATER TO EXTINGUISH.
  • Once the smoke has cleared, the scent of burning sage will linger for an hour or two and slowly fade.
  • Enjoy your freshly cleansed & purified space!

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